Klara: 100% Organic Wines

Our organic wines are selectively sourced from passionate and experienced Southern French wine producers.

Supporting sustainable organic production methods, free of chemical fertilizers & pesticides. No GMOs or synthetic additives.


Sourced all along the southern arc of the Mediterranean, between the Rhône to the East and Carcassonne to the West.

Vin de France offers the ability to source and blend the finest

wines from these prestigious appellations.

Rosé & Red grape varieties

  • Grenache Noir: aromas of blackcurrant and spicy blackberries 
  • Syrah: black fruit, peppery, licorice and smoky aromas
  • Cinsault: lime blossom, honey and cedar aromas
  • Carignan: red and black fruit, spicy and musky aromas 
  • Mourvèdre: rich tannins, aromas of blackcurrant, spices and garrigue herbs


White grape varieties

  • Vermentino ou ‘Rolle’: citrus and white flower aromas
  • Marsanne: aromas of white fruits, flowers and honey
  • Roussanne: aromas of exotic fruits and flowers 
  • Viognier: flowers and white fruits, candied apricots 
  • Chardonnay: aromas of white fruits such as pear
  • Sauvignon blanc: boxwood, broom and grapefruit
  • Grenache Blanc: aromas of dried fruit and notes of beeswax

Klara: Blending expertise

Aided by almost a century of blending expertise in the family company, we select some of the finest organic wines from throughout the region and produce elegant cuvées that reflect their roots.

Nathalie Bassot-Dworkin,
preparing the 2023 blend of Klara.

Nathalie Bassot-Dworkin, Director of Operations & Head Oenologist

Nathalie Bassot-Dworkin’s passion for wine originally stemmed from her interest in aromatics and perfume. Her destiny took a turn as Nathalie became enamored by the world of viticulture and oenology. In 1993, she earned her National Oenology Diploma, marking the start of her career in the wine industry.

In 2006, Nathalie joined Clarence Dillon Wines as head of production for Clarendelle. Today, Nathalie plays an integral part in the creation of Klara; forming and developing relationships with wine producers throughout the region.

Starting in 2023, Nathalie will oversee the production of the harmonious blends that make up the Klara family of wines.