A one way ticket to the South of France

After close to a century producing some of the finest wines in Bordeaux, the Dillon family and Prince Robert de Luxembourg have chosen to focus their attention on another French region, close to their heart. The Klara family of organic southern wines offers a natural expression of this story.

The South of France holds a special place in the heart of Prince Robert…

In the early 50s, his paternal grandfather, Prince Felix de Bourbon de Parme purchased an estate beside the Fort de Brégançon, now the favoured summer residence of the President of the French Republic. It was here that Prince Robert and his family would spend their summer holidays.

In 1979, Prince Robert’s mother acquired a holiday retreat in St. Remy de Provence, in the heart of the Alpilles.

Later, this tradition continued where Prince Robert acquired and renovated an abandoned farm in the bucolic southern Luberon hills which would itself become a welcome vacation retreat over the next few decades.

These rare but intense family moments gave rise to a particular ever growing fondness for this region, its people and of course its wines.