The Klara Family

Best enjoyed young, making the most of these fruity & sun-drenched wines.

Klara Red

Fruit-forward, jammy & spicy. Elegant on the palate, with powerful tannins. Aromas of fragrant southern underbrush, rosemary, thyme & wild sage.

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Klara White

Fruity, flowery & mineral. Hints of honey, linden, quince, apricot and pear. Salinity from the sea.

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Klara Rosé

Light, fruity, elegant, structured and balanced. Pale, rose petal, with a very tangy nose of raspberry and redcurrant.

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Klara’s unique bottle & logo

The shape of the bottle is elegant with its refined curves inspired by the gentle rolling waves of the Mediterranean. The softness of its contours reflects the gentle exuberance of the wine it contains.The mermaid featured in its logo and in its raised glass seal represents the bodies of water, rivers and seas that form an integral part of the microclimate in the Mediterranean basin. 


Elegant and beautiful daughters of the sea, in folklore, the benevolent mermaid legend has always enchanted and seduced. The beguiling sirens call us to join them in elevating our dreams while sharing a cup of nectar crafted by man along the sun-drenched southern shores.