A one way ticket to the south of France

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After close to a century producing some of the finest wines in Bordeaux, the Dillon family and Prince Robert de Luxembourg have chosen to focus their attention on another French region, close to their heart. The Klara family of organic southern wines offers a natural expression of this story.

“Since the early 1950s, members of the Dillon family have enjoyed regular visits to the beautiful southern French region of Provence. The stunning light, the enchanted landscapes and the warm people have provided the perfect backdrop for all too rare vacation escapes. Over these holidays, their passion for southern French wines has grown and some of these exquisite bottles have come to punctuate their most joyful memories. These special family moments associated with a longstanding Bordeaux blending heritage have led to the creation of the Klara family of organic wines. These cuvées will delight with every sip while honouring the great southern terroirs and celebrating the passionate wine producers that inhabit these splendid sun-drenched Mediterranean regions.”

Prince Robert de Luxembourg
Chairman & CEO of Domaine Clarence Dillon